Announcing My New Store on My Website.

  images-3I have just opened my new website store for those of you who would like some of my messages or my book Mystic MooseTales: Redefining Wildlife. I currently offer MP3 downloads and two other new resources; Flashdrive Cards for $40.00 a piece. Each contain over $150.00 worth of audio and video messages if bought separately as CD series. I have a new book in the editing stage that should be available in the next few months entitled "Restoration of Hope: The 5 Wagon Revelation". It describes an encounter I had that identifies some of the basic keys to the coming outpouring of the Holy Spirit. I will continue to add new content as the messages and resources are available.

Because of the resurrection of Jesus and the present realities found and released through the power of the gospel we have much to be encouraged about. Hope is one of the essential ingredients for living the overcoming life and seeing the power of God active in our lives and released through us to others. Take a look at what I offer and taste and see once the again that regardless of your present condition or the conditions that currently exist God is not without practical and powerful answers for our times. It is time to be encouraged once again!