Mystic Moose Tales: Redefining Wildlife


Mystic Moose Tales: Redefining Wildlife


Mystic MooseTales is an allegory of the supernatural life of a believer written to inspire hunger for the supernatural God of the Bible. Although written in allegory 95% of the events portrayed literally happened to me, my close associates, or people I knew . My primary purpose for writing MooseTales is to impart two things to the current generation: love for Jesus and authentic hunger for the historic supernatural God of the Bible. I chose the allegorical style because it lends itself to creativity in a wide range of expression and humor. In my imagination there exists a world where animals walk on two legs, demonstrate all the attributes of humans, and live and interact together with people. In just such a world Theodore Conquest ‘Mystic’ Moose lives and does his exploits. Many of these tales are based on events that have literally happened to flesh and blood men and women. These people I know. Other events originate from lives of historic Christians I don’t know but have read about or heard their testimonies.

Mystic MooseTales: Endorsements

“Mystic Moose exists somewhere between Tom Sawyer and the Chronicles of Narnia, but what makes MooseTales fascinating is that the most ridiculous parts of this story could be true.” John Mark McMillan, Singer Song Writer, Charlotte, NC.

“This is a great read that will make you think, cry, laugh, and apply. It is creativity at its best.” Beni Johnson, Redding CA, Author, The Happy Intercessor.

Robin,Thanks for the book, Mystic Moosetales, delivered by Leif Hetland. I finished the book this morning, day before Resurrection Day, and found it remarkably delightful. Thanks for the unique manner in which you packed so much truth under the auspices of allegory.  I did laugh as well as cry! Thanks for the book.  Write another and another. Jack Taylor, President of Dimension Ministries.

“Mystic MooseTales will delight your heart and inspire your soul to experience the tangible glory of God in the now! Every page makes you hungry for more. Get ready for fresh joy in God’s presence as you enter the Mystic MooseTales.” Mahesh Chavda, Sr. Pastor, All Nations Church, Charlotte, NC.

“…McMillan has created a talking moose with a lot more to share than Balaam’s donkey. Readers who spend time with Mystic Moose will be entertained, challenged, encouraged, and inspired.” Robert Whitlow, Best-selling author of Water’s Edge, Charlotte, NC.

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