The 3-H Club: Hungry, Hope, & How...

NewYear'sConf1203 023My friend Bob Jones passed away last week. It was a bitter sweet time; sweet for him and bitter for us. He had been suffering a lot physically the last several years, but not now. He's in heaven more alive than he has ever been but we will surely miss that man! I met Bob in the spring of 1989, but I had heard of him the year earlier. During that season I could be accurately described as a weary man who had lost his vision and purpose in God. I continued to look after my family of 6, take my kids to church, but I was deeply dis-satisfied with my life in God, and extemely disappointed as a result of having been fully committed and involved for a decade in a spiritual enterprise that ended poorly.


At this critical crossroads of my life I listened to a tape series from the Kansas City Fellowship that highlighted Bob and the remarkable supernatural relationship he had with God. Immediately I regained my capacity to dream, both in the night and in the sense of once again seeing my destiny in God and believing I could successfully fulfill it. Bob made me hungry for God. Thats 'H' number one.


I grew up Reformed Presbyterian tradition and am grateful for that heritage but I had experiences in God that were much different than what they were used to particularly in the late 1960's and 1970's. The supernatural reality that Bob communicated and radiated, and the unusual nature of his relationship with God gave me hope. Bob 'legitimized' my kind of relationship with God.


As I got to know Bob and ministered with him to many people I learned a lot. He had an unusual ability to see exactly what a person needed and could speak into their lives with power and compassion. As I watched and participated with him, he showed me how to be effective in prophetic ministry.

The 3-H Club

Bob made me hungry, gave me hope, and taught me how. Thats my job now too; to make people hungry for God, give them a legitimate reason to hope, and show them how they can help other people. I know Bob did this for many other people. He left a great deposit in the world and I am honored to have been a part of his life.