Wade Taylor's Passing

Wade Taylor passed away at 1:01 p.m. February 29, 2012. I think it was fitting that he left on the 29th of February, a unique day that only occurs every four years in the leap year. Brother Wade was a unique man who often 'leaped' beyond many of his contemporaries in revelation and vision. Wade established Pinecrest Bible Training Center in Salisbury Center, NY in 1968 and led the school as its President until 1996. His primary desire for the school was for it to be a place for cultivating and enjoying the presence of the Lord. In his own words: "Our constant prayer should be that we might become so available to the Lord that He can, at anytime, speak through us a “present word” – a word that will turn both lives and the nations to the Lord."

I attribute much of my hunger for the presence and power of God to his influence. His experience with the fountain of New Wine at the Green Lane Bible school in the late 1950's fed me for years until I discovered my own fountain. His testimony of being caught up into the heavenly realm fueled my desire and encouraged my faith to encounter the Lord myself, which I have in ways sometimes difficult to describe and yet precious beyond words.

I understand that as recently as his last board meeting he was planning his future and preparing for the next major project he had determined to undertake. That clearly describes Wade, always dreaming always moving toward the next thing he knew God was going to do.

In a way like no other man I ever knew Wade loved the Lord and valued His presence. Did he do it perfectly? Not even close. Did he make his share of mistakes? By the bushel basket full. Everyone I have known who followed the Lord, even those who did so wholeheartedly, still suffered setbacks and at times 'missed the mark'.

What then is the sum of his life? It is probably too soon to determine that. I'm confident I'm not the one who can determine that either. This I know; he encouraged me like few others have. I am much the better for having known him. He left an indelible impression on my life for hunger for God, I loved him and I will certainly miss him.

Wade, thank you for all you brought to the Body of Christ. Your labor was not in vain. I'll see you once again.